St. John's Anglican Church


St. John’s Anglican Cemetery is located east of Blackstock at 3041 Edgerton Road in Scugog Township, Region of Durham.

By the Constitutional Act of 1791, one-seventh of the public lands of Upper and Lower Canada were reserved for the maintenance of a Protestant Clergy. Thus the Anglican church at one time owned many farms in what is now Ontario. The 1872 atlas shows 200 acres called Glebe lands which belonged to the Rev. John Strachan, Lord Bishop of Toronto. In 1879 this land was sold, except for eight acres where the Rectory was situated and two acres where the present cemetery sits.

Along the easterly limit of St. John`s Cemetery is a private Nesbitt Burial Ground. This 0.2 acres was fenced off the Nesbitt farm in the mid 1800`s by John Nesbitt and can be used for burials by any descendants of the Nesbitt family.
The oldest monuments we can find in the Cemetery date back to 1846 and mark the graves of two children of Ralph Edgerton.

The seven member Board of Directors is made up of people from the community. The Board administers the financial affairs of the Cemetery, arranges for interments, oversees maintenance of the grounds and monuments, and conducts an annual memorial decoration service on the Sunday after Labour Day.

There are regular size plots for sale and also some smaller plots for cremation urns. We also own 1.25 acres to the north of the main cemetery which will be developed as need arises.

For further information about St. John`s Cemetery, please call Lawrence McLaughlin at (905) 986-4456.